Experience = Human-Focused Service + Streamlined Technology

We are radically changing the HR administration game through a focus on the client experience. Our clients let us handle their human capital processes so they can focus on creating an engaging employee experience and driving their culture.

We are a passionate bunch… our purpose is to help people have a great experience at work. We’d like for the perfect fit to join us on this exciting adventure.

 You’ll know you’re the right fit, if you nod in agreement to how we choose to live:

Be Joyful

Our goal is to leave each customer in a better place than we found them – with every call, every email, every meeting, with every product that we offer and with every experience that we engage. We’ll do it with a smile and bring joy to those with whom we interact because we actually love what we do everyday!

Be Real

At each step of the way, we are ultimately serving our fellow humans. People have an inherent need to be treated well. We act with empathy and kindness. We set clear expectations and meet our commitments. We empower out customers with information and anticipation.

Be Empowered

We are empowered to do our best work – empowered by the experts we work with, our best-in-class technologies, and the clients we choose to do business with. We’ll do our best work so you can focus on doing your best work. You have a partner that is at the forefront of HR and payroll technology and will always be innovating on your behalf.

Have Harmony

We’re inspired to do what we love. That creates harmony in how we leave everyone in our path; our co-workers, clients, family, friends and communities. We pass that along at every opportunity, because we believe that a harmonious work experience, leads to a harmonious life experience.

Bottom line:

We’re on a mission to empower people to do their best work and inspire people to do what they love.