We are radical game-changers in the delivery of HR administration.

We allow our clients to ignite their employees’ experience by providing comprehensive human capital processes, systems and technologies.


We allow our clients to ignite their employees’ experience by providing comprehensive human capital processes, systems and technologies.

Gain time to focus on strategic business and people initiatives

Maintain operational and regulatory compliance

Create a meaningful employment experience

Ongoing access to human resources and payroll expertise

Pick the Right Technology

Want for nothing and be able to execute everything. Workforce Ready is a single database system enabling enhanced compliance and user experience through data accuracy, streamlining and ease of use.

Choose a Dedicated Service Team

Your reddeHR Service Team is all yours. No call trees. No confusion. Your dedicated support team will know you, your business, and your ongoing support needs intimately. Our team is specialized and certified. Rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with the best in the business.

Feel the Difference

It’s amazing what HR, Benefits and Payroll can do for an organization when they are all working FOR the
organization. That’s what we are designed to do – actually WORK for you!

What Our Clients Have to Say

“It’s sad to say that I have been pleasantly surprised, but I am.  No other payroll company has ever actually done what they said they were going to do.  The reddeHR team has been outstanding and I haven’t been let down once.  That’s saying a lot.  They’ve delivered on their promises.  The system set-up was painless and the service has just been so helpful and a huge administrative relief on me personally. I love it, my managers love it, and employees seem to love it. reddeHR is a great company to work with.  They are on top of their knowledge base and have great resources.  Great team and a great company!”

– Eric Havens
Managing Director
Trinity Lutheran Church and School

“We’ve been fighting to get payroll and HR service right for years.  Hiring “experts” and then being left to figure out how to pick up the pieces when they leave.  Our payroll system had never been properly implemented by our previous company.  I know way more about payroll than I should!  What’s been a huge pain point for years for us was taken care of in one month by reddeHR.  This is just hands down the right solution when you just want to get things done right with a team that is fun to work with.”

– Jeremy Pell
Fire Chief
White River Township Fire Department

“We just needed HR to be easy.  We didn’t necessarily want to focus on it or spend time on it, but we knew we needed it to grow and for our employees.  We were looking at PEO’s when we were introduced to reddeHR.  I’m glad we were.  We went from virtually nothing, to what seems like everything we could dream of.  We’ve gained a ton of efficiency by being able to incorporate separate processes assigned to multiple people into one system supported by one team.  Payroll feels like it’s on autopilot, we got the benefits support we needed and got more than we could imagine in HR support.  We genuinely like working with the reddeHR team.  They’re really good at what they do, get things done when they say they will and are fun to work with.”

– Aleks Davis
B2S Life Sciences